Environmental Impact

By renting this item instead of buying it and wearing it once you are saving the Co2 equivalent of:

  • 500 miles in a car saved

  • 5 trees saved

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RRP AED 8400

Rent AED 590 | 3 Days

Buy AED 5000
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Pleated Maxi Gown

RRP AED 2200

Rent AED 400 | 3 Days

Buy AED 1800

Price includes dry cleaning & delivery.

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Like New

Elevate your elegance with the Satin Blue Pleated Maxi Dress from L'IDÉE. This stunning gown features voluminous sleeves, a V-neck bodice, a cinched waist, and a flowing skirt that creates a beautifully feminine silhouette. Perfect for special occasions.

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