Our Mission

A note from the founders

Driven by a belief that fashion should be enjoyed not consumed, we’re on a mission to bring you wardrobe freedom. Freedom from having to purchase the more sensible option and freedom from being weighed down by your ghosts-of-styles-past.

We see a future where women invest in a capsule wardrobe of high quality staple pieces. Leaving them free to rent that bold new style they couldn’t commit to purchase or that OTT dress that’ll only be worn once.

To that end, we’ve curated the best pieces from the coolest closets across our city for you to simply enjoy and return. So join us in this rental revolution, we bet renting looks great on you.

Kelly and Sophie xx
Rental Revolution

Welcome to your new way to wardrobe 

It’s high fashion, without the designer price tag. It’s constant newness, without the carbon footprint. And it’s on-demand, without the hassle of cleaning or storage.

We are the region’s first truly peer to peer fashion rental platform. And we’re a growing community of progressive women who have both a love for designer fashion, and for the planet. 

Can’t wait to join the rental revolution? RENT NOW