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By renting this item instead of buying it and wearing it once you are saving the Co2 equivalent of:

  • 500 miles in a car saved

  • 5 trees saved

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Labelrail X Rachel Burke

3D Floral Midi Dress


Rent AED 230 | 3 Days

Price includes dry cleaning & delivery.

This midi dress by Labelrail is like nothing you've ever seen before, and that's because they teamed up with influencer extraordinaire Rachel Burke to create it. It's got floral applique , a square neck that screams "chic!", and puff sleeves that are totally on trend. And let's not forget about the little keyhole surprise in the back! It's a fresh take on a prom dress, but we would also wear it to get wed.. plus, the relaxed fit will have you feeling like you're wearing a cloud and who doesn't want that?